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Customer Relationship Management For Charities

At Premier Choice Internet, we continue to equip charitable organisations with expert Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Our unique CRM software solutions can professionally maximise the efficiency and productivity of your charity by automating all repetitive tasks, getting rid of duplications and ensuring relevant information is readily and easily available for charity members to effectively manage your organisation’s professional relationships. By implementing these processes within the framework of your charity, we can equip you with the ability to easily and efficiently inform your members of upcoming events and fundraising campaigns, as well as offering essential support and advice to those in need of your organisation’s assistance.

Our accomplished team of CRM software specialists can offer an extensive range of technological advantages for charitable organisations. All of our CRM software solutions can be customised to ideally harmonise with the multiple facets of your charity. Subsequently, examples from our range of CRM software solutions include;

A Bespoke Purpose Built System

Many off-the-shelf software products offer solutions which cater to a mass market. These products lack the customisation required to make it completely useful for your organisation. Our systems are bespoke built to your exact requirements; meaning you’ll have complete control over the included functionality of your chosen solution.

A Single Place To Store Information

Your charity can easily access notes of previous fundraisers, campaigns, events and other information in order to function with efficiency and transparency. This transparency of information grants your charity the liberty of analysing your organisation’s information extensively so that you can identify, and thus explore, new opportunities and methods through which you can achieve your goals.

Moreover, all of our software solutions are cloud based. This means that your data is not only available anywhere in the world via authorised access, but it also ensures that all of your charity’s data is automatically backed up offsite in the event that you need to recover any lost data. As a result, your charity will be equipped with functional and accessible software storage facilities.

Storage Security

Our CRM software ensures all of your charity’s important information is stored safely and securely, yet in a user friendly manner. Simultaneously you can be alleviated of the inconvenience of having to tediously search through emails and spreadsheets looking for essential information, whilst also remaining assured that your data is protected and confidential.

Web-Based Applications

By incorporating CRM software within your charity’s structure, you can effectively present your information online and, as a result, interact with potential new members and thus further your charitable causes.

Software Training

Our team of professional CRM software technicians offer a series of comprehensive training programs to educate any members of your charity who will be using this CRM software. All of our bespoke systems come with remote or onsite training for your users; wherein our developers will provide detailed demonstrations of the software and answer any questions which your staff may have. Our team of professionals will explain the various intricacies of your charity’s specific CRM processes, and instruct you on how to maintain them yourself with ease. We will even migrate all of your spreadsheet and database data into our software so that your charity can immediately begin to benefit from your new software systems.

Exclusive Benefits For Non-Profit Organisations

Furthermore, we also offer a series of CRM benefits which have been specifically designed to support charities and their objectives. Amongst the range of exclusive services from which your charity can benefit include:

  • Up to 90% discounts for non-profit organisations
  • Full Exchange Server functionality; This service enables you and your team to access your charity’s email wherever you are in the world
  • 99.9% up-time guarantee
  • Continuous offsite email backup
  • An automated backup system for your charity’s data which will be securely stored and encrypted in your cloud-based platform
  • CloudCare; a comprehensive anti-virus platform which provides email security and content filtering services.
  • Hosted Desktop services; You and your team can operate your charity’s administrational duties from anywhere in the world from any device

At Premier Choice Internet, we have a wealth of experience in helping charities integrate CRM software within their organisations; having already designed an efficient CRM system for the UK charity Age Concern. Our developers worked in tandem with Age Concern staff and volunteers to successfully construct a software system which easily manages, stores and runs reports on the members, staff and volunteers of Age Concern’s various day centres. The system is very simple to use and can be securely accessed via any Internet-enabled computer. For more information you can visit the CRM section of our website, and explore how our team of software specialists can consolidate your charity’s technological capabilities.

About our bespoke software solutions:

Improve Charity Efficiency 
Our CRM software provides your customer information all in one place.

Collect More Donations
Transparency of  information allows you to spot new opportunities.

Reach New Donors 
Web based application helps reign in call abuse and allocate fees based on call time.

Deliver Unrivalled Support
With information in one point all members are able to deliver a more efficient service.

Customise To Your Needs
Our CRM software can be customised to your charity and your needs.

Support & Training
We provide a comprehensive training program for those using the software.

Recently Created Bespoke CRM Software

Age Concern

Charitable Organisation 

To design this CRM system our developers have worked in tandem with the staff and volunteers at Age UK to build a system they can easily manage, store and run reports on the members, staff and volunteers of the day centres.

The system is very simple to use and can be accessed securely via any Internet enabled computer.