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Our team of accomplished website designers have helped over 250 companies throughout Kent and London broaden their online presence. As a result, we can offer your charitable organisation a diverse range of website designs which you can customise in order to professionally publicise your charity and its activities.

Our web design team are seasoned professionals at creating user friendly websites for charities. Our previous experience includes Age Concern Ravensbourne; a UK charity who required a comprehensive website which would inform and update the local community and online followers about their charity’s activities, events and the range of services. Subsequently, our efficient website design team created a website for Age Concern which continues to provide their users with easy and accessible navigation towards their charity’s information and advice, services, campaigns, products, training and research.

As well as Age Concern, we continue to support a range of businesses and non-profit organisations. Listed below are the testimonials from some of these satisfied clients;

There are several aspects of our web design service from which you can benefit as a charity. Some of these exclusive benefits include;

  • Pick & Mix Design: Building a website for your organisation shouldn’t break the bank, which is why our bespoke websites offer a pick & mix style design process. This process will allow you to choose the features which are most important to your organisation.


  • Manage Your Own Content: Many charity websites are built by small developers or volunteers as a gift to the organisation. Although this service is initially acceptable, over time your charity may face great difficulties when trying to upgrade your website. These types of websites can cost a small fortune to update or you may even find yourself unable to alter important aspects of your charity’s site. Fortunately, all of our websites come with a built-in Content Management System which allows you to upgrade text, photos and all other content as you wish; at no additional fee.


  • Pay Monthly Web Design: Your organisation may want a new website with all the great features you need, but a one off payment may not be an option. Consequently we have created a service within which you can pay monthly for our services at a rate which suits your organisation.

Content Management System

Enables you to add pages, text, pictures, videos yourself easily and quickly

Payment Terms Available
A new website can be a big investment so we can offer pay monthly solutions

Our Expertise 
We have developed over 250 websites for delighted customers across the UK

The Web Design Process

#1 Research#2 Brainstorming#3 Design#4 Build#5 Test#6 Go Live#7 Support

We work with your charity to discover your specific website requirements, aims and objectives. Moreover, we carry out extensive research on your potential online users in order to construct a website which will offer them all the information and functions they require to easily interact with your charity.


After our initial research, our expert web design team will map out a logical website structure which will prioritise your online content in accordance with your charity’s particular preferences. By doing so, we can create a specification document which can establish all of the intricacies of your website.


The design of your website is crucial in order to sufficiently communicate your charity’s aims and beliefs. Therefore, we will create multiple website prototypes which we will present to you. From this point, we can work directly with your charity to create a web design which imbues your website with a cutting edge design and seamlessly reflects your charity’s ideals.


When building your website, we will continue to communicate with your charity to facilitate complete collaboration, flexibility and empathy. If you have any applications which you want us to alter or add during this process, we can easily implement these. Once constructed, your charity will be presented with a visually unique website which is structurally efficient.


Before your website goes live, we will test it thoroughly. Our web design team will focus upon two areas; usability and accessibility. By doing so, we will ensure your users can easily interact with your website and that it is accessible to all users irrespective of their technological capabilities.


After comprehensively testing your website we will deploy the finished version on your server. We can also develop a content management system for you as well as providing additional training for your key administrators. This is in accordance with our principal belief that the developed website is yours, you’ve paid for it and subsequently you should hold the Intellectual Property Rights to it and possess the ability to update it as you please.


At Premier Choice Internet, we offer a 24/7 email support and ticketing support system which can quickly and efficiently resolve any of your website issues. Our Service Level Agreement covers any issues, bugs or errors which may arise on your site, including those that may arise due to the technical updates such as new browser releases.


Examples of recent work:

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