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How cloud computing solutions could revolutionise your e-commerce business

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Within the last decade the e-commerce industry has grown exponentially; with online sales having risen by 74% since 2013 and with European e-commerce sales figures expected to reach €134 billion by the end of 2015. As a result of this vast potential for profit there has been a wave of e-commerce sites established within the last few years. Consequently, regardless of whether you are an established e-commerce organisation or an aspiring start-up, it is now more important than ever that your business is equipped with the necessary virtual resources in order to cope with this growing consumer demand.

This is where cloud computing can help. Just like the e-commerce industry, cloud computing has dramatically expanded within the past ten years and is expected to be worth over $240 billion by 2020. At Premier Choice Internet we are dedicated to informing our clients about the latest digital solutions that can benefit their business. For this reason, we have created the following guide which will illustrate how replacing your in-house data systems with bespoke cloud computing solutions can improve the efficiency of your e-commerce site, consolidate customer loyalty and boost your overall profit margins.

Efficient accessibility

By transferring your e-commerce site’s administrative operations from an in-house system to a virtual cloud service your company will be able to store and access all of your data via an Internet connection at any given time, from any location.

This streamlined data service will enable your e-commerce site’s staff, suppliers, distributors and partners to liaise with one another in a rapid and efficient manner and may eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming paperwork. After all, as a recent survey of UK businesses revealed; 90% of the business leaders polled stated cloud-based collaboration improves business processes and 82% said it allows for faster executions of administrative tasks.

Scalable virtual services

One of the main benefits of cloud computing services is the fact they can be scaled to suit the specific needs of your e-commerce site at any given time. As such, your company can dictate the exact amount of bandwidth, disk space and RAM you wish to receive. Not only will these scalable services reduce your overall business expenditures but they also mean your business will be able to rapidly respond to any increase in consumer demand throughout the year with less downtime for your site.

In this manner, cloud computing services can be used to help your e-commerce site remain one step ahead of your industry rivals during peak shopping seasons such as Christmas. Given that partial downtime, slow loading times and technical difficulties are common problems afflicting e-commerce sites during these busy shopping periods, by utilising forward-thinking cloud computing solutions you can offer your customers a better online service than your industry competitors and successfully secure their future custom.

Reduced business expenditures

Whether you are an established organisation or an ambitious start-up, business expenditures can be detrimental to the overall profit margins of any e-commerce site. Fortunately, by utilising cloud computing services you can drastically reduce the running costs of your site. This is due to the fact cloud computing services function on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis wherein you only pay for the exact services that your company uses.

Consequently, approximately 82% of companies surveyed in a 2014 infographic have reported they saved money by moving to the cloud. Therefore, by switching from your company’s in-house systems to a virtual cloud service you can continue to carry out all your administrative e-commerce operations for a fraction of their current cost, without hindering the efficiency of your site.

Dependable security measures

In this technological age many businesses are reluctant to transfer their company’s operations to a virtual service for fear their confidential data and customer information will be infiltrated by hackers. However, cloud computing services can often prove to be far more secure for e-commerce sites than in-house systems because they will be hosted externally at secure data centres by teams of skilled technicians. Subsequently, by adopting cloud computing solutions you can rest assured all your e-commerce company data will be saved remotely, backed up on a regular basis and securely protected from cybercriminals at all times.

These secure UK data centres will also be able to provide your company with targeted IT support regarding all of your business processes, administrative data and essential programs whenever it is needed. For these reasons, cloud computing is one of the most secure and reliable security systems upon which businesses can depend. In fact, as matters stand, 94% of managers whose e-commerce sites utilise cloud computing services state their company’s security has improved after they adopted cloud applications.

Consolidate consumer loyalty

Many consumers are initially reluctant to shop from an e-commerce site because they do not want to divulge their personal information without first being reassured that comprehensive security protocols have been put in place. For instance, a recent consumer poll revealed that 51% of e-commerce shoppers worry their credit card details will be intercepted during payment, 51% worry that unauthorised parties will access their personal information whilst it is saved inside the merchant’s database, and 79% state they would be eager to purchase more online if they were granted more secure payment options.

Fortunately, by affiliating your e-commerce site with a secure cloud computing service you can grant your consumers peace of mind that their personal banking information will be processed via a secure UK data centre operated by professional technicians. By providing these virtual security credentials your e-commerce site can earn the trust and future custom of both new and existing consumers by assuring them that their private information will remain confidential at all times.

Ultimately, the myriad of financial and administrative benefits discussed throughout this guide demonstrate just how much cloud computing services can revolutionise the day-to-day practices of e-commerce sites. From cutting your overall running costs to boosting your workplace productivity, by equipping your company with bespoke cloud computing solutions you can expand and evolve your e-commerce site in a rapid and highly efficient manner.

If you have any further questions regarding cloud computing or if you would like Premier Choice Internet to develop bespoke virtual solutions for your business, why not call us on 020 8269 6878 today to discuss your options with one of our trained advisors?

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