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The benefits of bespoke SEO services for charities

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In today’s technologically advanced society the Internet has become the first port of call for all manner of consumer information; from booking a reservation at a local restaurant to managing banking accounts and organising general correspondence.

As a result, it has become increasingly important for organisations, both profit and non-profit, to maintain a significant online presence in order to interact with a vast network of users. One of the most effective methods of ensuring your organisation’s website is visible to as many users as possible, is through efficient search engine optimisation services.

What is SEO?

The term ‘search engine optimisation’, often referred to as ‘SEO’, is a highly effective form of digital marketing wherein profit and non-profit organisations actively increase the rate of traffic directed towards their website via search engine enquiries.

These international search engines, such as Google, operate by directing users towards the most relevant websites based upon the particular ‘keywords’ users have typed in. In order to direct users to the most relevant websites, these search engines will analyse your charity’s website to work out its key objectives. By doing so, they will match your website’s content with the particular search engine query to which it is relevant. As a result, it is extremely important that your charity website’s content is efficiently organised so search engines can rapidly access the most pertinent information about your website in order to advertise your charity to your target online audience.

In this manner, it is paramount that your charitable organisation develops an effective SEO marketing strategy to increase your search engine rankings for specific ‘keywords’ that are related to your charity. After all, the higher your charity ranks for these relevant keywords on Google and other search engines, the more users will visit your site, learn about your campaign objectives and support your worthwhile cause.

Therefore, if you’ve been searching for efficient yet affordable ways to boost your charitable organisation’s online presence, listed below are some of the ways in which your non-profit organisation could stand to benefit from bespoke search engine optimisation services.

Consolidate your charity’s online presence: Google search engine algorithms comprise of more than two hundred separate ranking factors that continue to be updated and revised in response to changing Internet trends and newly emerging software. As a result, it is pivotal that your charity continues to refine your SEO digital marketing practices in order to exercise a significant online presence.

Make it easier for users to find your charity online: One of the main benefits of SEO services is that they make it easier for users to locate your charity website. By utilising bespoke SEO services you can engineer your charity website to appear in the search engine results for certain keywords, which will in turn make it far easier for supporters to investigate your organisation’s objectives online and become affiliated with your campaigns.

Introduce your charitable endeavours to a vast network of prospective supporters: As well as helping existing users to find your charity website online, bespoke SEO services will also help your charitable organisations to be noticed by new users who may not otherwise have known your charity even existed! In this manner, bespoke SEO services can broaden your charity’s field of influence, establish your online brand reputation and introduce your core values to a new audience of potential supporters and prospective non-profit partners.

Examples of SEO best practices

From optimising the content and format of your charity website to addressing the ways in which other sites link to it, bespoke SEO services can enable your non-profit organisation to generate large amounts of traffic towards your website. Consequently, listed below are some of our recommended SEO best practices which you can incorporate within your charity website’s existing digital marketing strategies in order to garner more online support towards your worthwhile endeavours:

Frequently post search-engine friendly content: The content on your charity’s website is extremely beneficial for providing both users and search engines with information about your organisation. As such, it’s important that you provide a sufficient amount of content that contains relevant keywords in order for search engines to quickly work out the subject matter of your charity website. For instance, you should aim to produce at least one original blog post per week that contains several relevant keywords relating to your charity’s core objectives. Not only will these blog posts regularly inform your current users about your charity’s latest activities, values and upcoming fundraisers, but they will also enable you to continue to rank highly on Google and other search engines for these keywords.

Utilise analytical data: As matters stand there are a wealth of online resources, such as Google Analytics, that non-profit organisations can utilise to discover how users locate and interact with your site. From reviewing the specific keywords people typed in to find your website, to assessing the average length of time customers spent on your charity website’s various pages, by utilising this targeted analytical data you can gain a better understanding of how users view your charity site. With this knowledge in mind you can customise your charity’s website and appeal to more people. You can also track your modifications to discover whether your updated digital marketing strategies have proven effective.

Establish credible links within your charity website: In addition to scanning your website for keywords, search engines will also rank your charity website based on its authority. For example, if your charity website contains multiple links to and from related online resources, you will appear to be an authority on that particular topic. Consequently, a sizeable portion of any effective SEO digital marketing strategy should be focused on establishing strong links with websites relevant to your organisation’s core values.

If you would like to learn more about the ways in which bespoke SEO services can benefit your charitable organisation, contact Premier Choice Internet online today to receive targeted digital marketing support from one of our trained advisors.

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