2017 in Review…The Year of Ransomware, Security and New Gadgets

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When you think back on 2017 in the world of tech the most prominent theme will be cyber security. The last 12 months have been filled with new types of ransomware and admissions of previous cyber attacks on some huge household names. With one ransomware managing to infect 81 NHS trusts and 595 GP practices, cyber security was really brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds in May. In October, the head of the intelligence monitoring service GCHQ claimed that the cyber-security threat to the UK was ‘as serious as terrorism’. With the latest news around Kaspersky and the GDPR coming up in May, cyber security looks like a theme that will be continuing well into 2018.

It wasn’t all bad in 2017 though, the year saw some really exciting new gadgets come onto the market and a real increased focus around AR and VR. Apple saw some big new releases throughout the year with iPhone X and iMac both being released in the last quarter of the year. Amazon continued to dominate the voice control market adding the Amazon Echo Show into its portfolio, with Google hot on its tail with the new Google home, and Apple about to step into the market, next year is set to see this trend really accelerate. As they become more advanced and increasingly synced with our cyber universe, the next year is likely to see these gadgets finding their way into the business world in a big way. AR and VR have also been huge this year. With Magic Leap finally revealing its ‘mixed reality’ headset there is much excitement in this arena and what it will bring in 2018. Magic Leaps Digital Lightfield technology could certainly see itself making waves in the business world.

And as for us at Premier Choice Internet, we have had a very exciting year. With new team members, a new bigger office and a whole spectrum of new online presence we have taken a huge step forward in our business. 2017 has seen us have a huge digital revamp with both Premier Choice Internet and Premier Charity Solutions website redesigns and our launch into the world of social media. We have been out and about more than ever and attended some fantastic events throughout the year. November saw the launch of our Premier Charity Challenge, which has already seen us raise over £600 for local charities. Could it get any better? Absolutely! We head into 2018 excited for the year ahead. With new partnerships on the horizon and some great new services on offer we are set to make 2018 an even bigger and better year than 2017 and we look forward to working with you over the year ahead.

The Year in Review – A quick overview of 2017:

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