What impact does colour have on your website?

Its one of the first questions we get asked as kids, what is your favourite colour? Each of us probably had a different answer, and what’s more it probably changed over time. But why, what effect does colour have on us? It is a widely discussed topic, what impact colour has, especially when it comes […]

mobile first indexing

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile First Indexing?

Google announced on Monday that they are rolling out their mobile first indexing. Traditionally, Google’s ranking systems have used the desktop version of a company’s website, however with the increase in smartphone users this is no longer the optimum solution. Whilst some companies have invested in ensuring that their websites are mobile optimised, there are […]

Improve Conversion Rates

Five Tips to Improve Your Charity Website Conversion Rates

Creating a charity and encouraging a large volume of visitors onto your website is one thing, but the real difficulty lies in persuading users to make a donation to your charitable cause. This is known as conversion and it’s only when you start to achieve high conversion rates that your charity website will really be […]

5 reasons to update your website

5 Reasons to Update Your Website

Your website is often the first interaction you have with a potential customer. If they have never heard of you before and have found you online what impression does your website give. We have all done it, found a company online, looked at the homepage and immediately left because it wasn’t user friendly, didn’t load […]

Charity Websites

The 7 Best Charity Websites & What We Can Learn From Them

By scrutinising the techniques of some of the UK’s best charity websites, you can learn how to adapt their successful digital marketing strategies to improve your charity’s website. By doing so, you can significantly improve your website’s online reputation, which in turn will exponentially increase the amount of donations your charity receives. To help you achieve these aims, here are seven of the best UK charity websites with some helpful hints highlighting what you can learn from them.