How do I backup my computer?

It is inevitable that we will all lose data at some point in our lives. In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to backup your files. We tend to store a multitude of things on our computer, from important documents to personal data.

SharePoint Data Security

SharePoint is becoming increasingly popular as more organisations move towards cloud computing. We have previously discussed the various benefits of SharePoint vs File Servers. To encourage users to adopt SharePoint Online over traditional file management systems Microsoft has invested in making the product more user-friendly and efficient than any other enterprise file management system available


If you are still using a file server but are thinking about replacing it with something faster, more flexible and secure which allows for better organisation, then the benefits of SharePoint and its powerful document management capabilities could be what you need.

Why the Cloud won’t always save you money

Cloud computing seems to have developed a money saving reputation, but actually this isn’t always the situation. Of course, pay-as-you-go models often provide instant savings to the IT budget, but this has now become an expectation. According to the Manchester Business School, 88% of 1,300 organisations have reported direct savings by switching to cloud services. […]

10 Brilliant Benefits of Cloud Computing

As discussed in our previous blog post, What Is Cloud Computing? we talked in depth about exactly what this latest fashion is and some of the core reasons to consider switching to the form of document saving.

What is Cloud Computing? And Should You Be Using It?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk on cloud computing. But what is cloud computing? Nowadays it seems to be everywhere and if you don’t know what’s going on, the chances are you’ll feel you’re missing out on something important.

Cloud Computing vs a Dedicated Server: Which is best for your business?

Cloud computing has been a revelation in the online world and now many businesses are taking advantage of the possibilities available with this solution. With Cloud you’re able to access shared data online from any location. Rather than saving to a hard drive after making edits, data will automatically save online.