Is The Office a Thing Of The Past?

The recent pandemic has definitely made dramatic changes to how the office operates and peoples thoughts on working in the office. The majority of companies have an office space however, most are set on not renewing their leases as they do not have any intentions of returning to the office at any time in the […]

Remote Working: Can your staff work effectively & securely?

With the significant increase in remote working likely to be here for the long term, it’s important to ensure your staff can work effectively and securely with their IT setup. Protection of your company data is paramount, so ensuring the devices used to access this (your desktops, laptops, tablets etc) are secure and optimised to […]

Covid-19 Update

A message in response to COVID-19 from our Operations Director, Adam Graham, to our customers: How has Covid-19 affected our business? As keyworkers, Premier Choice staff have been working throughout the entirety of lockdown and will continue to do so as we all find our place in the ‘new’ normal. Our dedicated team continues to […]

Outsourced VS In-House IT Support

Over the last 20 years or so, the Internet has revolutionised businesses, making it easier than ever before to store data, find new customers and promote your company. However, because of this growing emphasis on IT infrastructure, it’s important to have a dedicated team in place to assist with any problems. For business IT support, […]

What’s New In Microsoft Teams?

Since the start of June, Microsoft Teams has considerably improved in terms of efficiency after several updates that have taken place. During this, Teams has become very popular with organisations as you can stay in contact with colleagues and clients effortlessly whilst working at home or in the office! Up to 49 people on one […]

SharePoint VS Hosted Desktop

With SharePoint Online becoming more and more popular, many companies are asking the question which is better cloud storage or a hosted desktop? If your company is using a hosted desktop but are thinking about replacing it with something faster, more flexible and secure which allows for better organisation, then the benefits of SharePoint and its powerful document […]

Social Media Marketing For Charities During Covid-19

Social media marketing is now easier than ever, with just one click of the button your post can be seen by thousands of people meaning your charity can gain lots of recognition! Social media is particularly helpful for smaller charities with limited internal resources, and when done effectively charity marketing campaigns drive high response rates. […]

Keep Your Charity Safe From Cybercriminals

As most employees are now working remotely, cybercriminals have taken the opportunity to access unsecured data from individuals who need to improve the overall protection on their personal devices. This makes it more important than ever to be extra vigilant and make sure you are secure from cybersecurity threats, especially those directly targeting charities. Now […]

Are you in need of business financing?

Due to the current pandemic, most companies have had to resort to funding, along with this there is economic uncertainty which is highly difficult for many companies. Below is a summary of the 14 key government schemes, which are now available to support businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic: Business RatesThe UK Government announced business rates holiday for […]

Creating the perfect home working balance

Whilst the majority of employees have taken on working from home during this pandemic, it is highly important to make sure that you maintain a balance between your work and your home life, as well as creating a good home working environment! Here are some tips to striking the perfect home working balance: Manage time […]