IT Procurement and Project Management

As an exclusive provider to charities, we have preferred partner accounts with HP, Microsoft, Apple, Sophos and Dell which allows us to obtain the best discounts and offers on a range of hardware, software, cloud and networking solutions. Our engineers are in regular contact with our partners to ensure we have access to the latest technological advancements in the industry.

At Premier Charity Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expert technical advice, and use our industry knowledge to recommend IT solutions that best meet your charities' needs. Our expert team manage every project from start to finish, making the move to your new technology as seamless as possible.

From replacement of a single PC to a revamp of your entire IT network, all work is planned, implemented strategically and thoroughly tested to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to normal working services. Staff are notified in advance of any expected downtime and, where possible, offered alternative means of working. In addition, we work closely with your 3rd party software suppliers to ensure a smooth transition and confirm their availability if they are required to perform works during the installation.

Project Management

  1. Project Manager Assigned
  2. Our operations manager will review your project internally and assign to you a dedicated project manager & assistant team that best suit your organisation and the technical details of your project. Your project manager will then send you an introductory email and be your point of contact through the duration of the project.

  3. Site Survey & IT Infrastructure Audit
  4. If we haven’t already completed a site survey (in the last 12 months), we perform a full site survey of your IT hardware, software and services including consultation with yourself and your staff. We detail your existing IT infrastructure and discuss any third party software, suppliers and services to make sure we have every based covered before proceeding with your IT implementation project.

  5. Procurement & Configuration
  6. Following the site survey, we will have everything we need to start ordering and configuring all of your hardware, software and cloud services. Your project manager may request further information from yourself or your third party suppliers during the configuration stage to make sure everything is configured prior to the installation.

  7. Installation Dates Confirmed
  8. Once all of your equipment and services are configured your project manager will contact you with a detailed plan of any periods of downtime, disruption to staff working and to book in an installation date that suits your organisation. In addition, we will confirm the availability of any third party suppliers that are required to perform works during the installation.

  9. Project Implementation, Training & Debrief
  10. Your dedicated project manager will be the lead whilst on-site, he will be available for any questions or concerns, and to provide any necessary training once the installation is complete. Following installation your project manager will provide a full debrief to our support team and your account manager, to make sure that any snagging or outstanding items can be immediately resolved by our support desk. Once you are up and running your dedicated account manager will contact you to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss the project implementation and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results!