Premier Charity Solutions provide first class, competitively priced photocopier leasing and rental services, alongside a full range of serviced printing solutions for charities and non-profits.  Many organisations are unaware of the amount they spend on their printing each month. Premier Charity Solutions are confident that charities and non-profits can benefit from reducing and taking control of their printing costs. Our serviced printing calculator below will give you an idea of the saving you could be making:




Premier Charity Solutions' serviced printing solutions for charities provides you with visibility and control over your printing, helping you to save money, boost productivity and improve your document security. Once all of your equipment in installed and you are up and running our expert technical team will supply on going support for your printing technology and solutions.



 Why use Serviced Printing Solutions for Charities?


Save Time and Reduce Costs

Help Desk Support


Increased Efficiency


Safe, Secure & Protected


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