Is The Office a Thing Of The Past?

The recent pandemic has definitely made dramatic changes to how the office operates and peoples thoughts on working in the office. The majority of companies have an office space however, most are set on not renewing their leases as they do not have any intentions of returning to the office at any time in the near future.

Do you think that there still a need for office premises? With so much new software and technology, it makes it very easy to enforce a virtual office compared to a physical one. Also, enforcing home-working has never been easier as migrating people from traditional office premises to flexible solutions for at home is simple and quicker than ever.

Premises Cost vs Home Working Setup

The cost of your employees home working set-up will be a lot cheaper and more worthwhile compared to paying for your office premise, as the new software is upcoming and will only be added to with even more excellent ideas. Home-working will also mean no more paying for your office rent or utilities, meaning your overheads are massively reduced.

On-boarding New Staff

Employers always have to take into consideration the lifestyle of the individual they wish to hire. They must take into consideration that not everyone can commute to the office every day and may not wish to. However, with a virtual office, that is not an issue as the employee can have a perfect home-working set-up with no need for travelling to the office.

Managing & Training Existing Staff

Even though a virtual office may be completely dissimilar to what your employees may already be used to, it is very easy to train and in fact manage your staff whilst they remote work. A virtual office also allows you access to everything online, this means you can always be up to date with new developments or any problems that arise immediately.

Staff Well-being

What about the benefits for employees you ask? Working from home not only reduces travel expenses to a minimum, but it could also make your employees more productive overall. As they are not having to travel and commute to the office, many employees will feel more motivated to kick start their workday and complete their work! Remote working also allows more time with family as they can spend lunch breaks together and no employee will be returning home late from the office!

Communication & Collaboration

Many would say that communication in-person is very hard to beat however, due to recent technology it is now easier than ever to stay in contact with your home-working employees instantly!

A great way to communicate with your employees whilst they’re working remotely would be through Microsoft Teams, this is a great way to instantly see your employees face-to-face, this can be with multiple employees at a time, to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a great service from Microsoft 365 which comes under flexible solutions and would be a great addition to your virtual office! It is described as a collection of cloud and web-based technologies that makes it easy to store, share and manage digital information. This allows you to access your work files and folders from anywhere, not just in the office which an on-premise network provides.


You may think that if your employees work from home that they will not be as secure as they would be in the office. This is in fact wrong as there is lots of new software that will protect their devices to the maximum! For example, Microsoft MFA and Duo MFA are great softwares that are described as of types of Multi-Factor Authentication which enables another layer of protection as you’re asked to verify yourself with every login.

If migrating to flexible solutions instead of returning to work interests you and your company, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 020 3904 3464. We’re dedicated to finding the right IT solutions for you!

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