Having a strong password is key to protecting your personal information and assets online. Many people use a few favourite passwords across all their sites. However to remain secure you should use a different password for each login you access. What’s more important is that you need strong passwords. Your date of birth, hobby, name or common English words are far too easy for hackers. 

With so many devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and smart phone in homes and businesses there is a lot of data to be secured. Because nobody wants their personal information stolen, this means passwords are required to protect everything held online.

This doesn’t merely mean protecting the device itself from being hacked. It also means preventing hackers getting your information websites and online sources.

Social medial sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others are used daily by millions of people all around the world. Some people use the same password for them all. Online banking, running websites, using emails and many other things all need protection from prying eyes and so you need passwords for them all.

Using strong passwords can help shield against traditional password attacks such as dictionary, rainbow tables, or brute-force attacks. You need strong passwords so this strong password generator tool will help keep you safe from being attacked online.