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At Premier Choice Internet, our Managed IT Support helpdesk and consultancy services are the foremost of our relationship with your organisation. If you are a start up or a large enterprise in Croydon, Premier Choice Internet can provide effective support for all your IT needs, offering bespoke managed IT support packages to fit your business.

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Premier Choice Internet puts customer service before IT jargon. By hiring personable staff with a passion for IT, our approachable IT help desk encourages your users to establish good and trustworthy relationships with our managed IT support service team. Instead of receiving an auto-attendant, receptionist or voicemail system, the telephone number provided to our clients in Croydon goes straight to our managed IT support team. Speaking directly to a dedicated engineer, any faults will be immediately diagnose and where possible, resolved without the need for a call back or further escalation.


Having already worked on our IT helpdesk and project teams, your Dedicated Account Manager has a distinctive insight into the support, planning and implementation of IT systems. With the aim of reducing your dependence on the IT helpdesk services, your Account Manager will assess and develop the systems yours staff use to improve reliability and business efficiency. Rather than having a managed IT support arrangement, Premier Choice Internet strives to create an IT partnership with its clients in Croydon.


Our managed IT support teams' ability of resolving faults quickly, with minimal possible down-time for clients, is demonstrated by our service desk statistics of a 76% resolution to faults on first contact. Our IT support team will keep your systems running by maintaining their solution focused ethos based on efficiency and reliability. Our Service Desk Statistics need no further explanation,


  • Average Telephone Response Time: 8 Seconds
  • SLA Target Hit: 99.6%
  • Incidents Resolved on Initial Contact: 76%
  • Incidents Resolved Without Escalation: 84%
  • Incident Tickets Re-Opened: 2.1%
  • Incidents Escalated to On-Site Engineer Visit: 0.3%

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Your IT hardware, software and services will undergo a full site survey, including consultation with yourself and your staff. We will give a full account of your existing IT infrastructure and consider any additional requirements and ongoing/outstanding issues. Our highly-secure remote management and monitoring skills will be installed by our engineers, along with remote assistance services which allow us to provide remote support directly to your users' devices, both quickly and easily.


After collating all of the information from your site survey, you will be contacted by your dedicated account manager to arrange your Best Practise Analysis. This comprises a detailed document providing information on any areas of concern with your current system, as well as particulars on security, compliance and business continuity. We also specify any upcoming renewals or out-of-date solutions and provide information on impending technologies and services that may benefit your business.


Through pro-active real-time monitoring and reporting, we are able to detect and rectify many support issues before they impact your business. Every server, device and cloud service is monitored using a plenitude of industry-standard alerting, monitoring and reporting tools.


All new, change and remove user requests are operated to guarantee organisational compliance and detailed to provide change tracking and reporting. This also includes software update control, data backup, restoration, server maintenance (automated as well as manual) and administration.


By liaising with all your third-party hardware, software, telecommunications and cloud service providers on your behalf where authorised, we are enabling you to have one point of contact for all IT related issues and requests. As well as saving your staff time and the frustration caused by being pushed between service providers, it allows us to have a complete audit trail for all services and supplier requests.


From time to time, you will be contacted by your dedicated account manager to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss different aspects of your agreement, including feedback on our managed IT support team, a review of your ticket and service history, any noted areas of concern, completed/upcoming projects and any future requirements or new technologies.

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