The following section details our support service level agreements through the various parts of your new IT infrastructure. Where specified, ‘hours’ refer to business operation hours 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). SLA’s are response time related only; no SLA for fault resolution, all efforts made to resolve ASAP.

The definition of the severity level is:


Complete degradation – all users and critical functions are affected. Item or service are completely unavailable.


Significant degradation – large number of users or critical functions affected.


Limited degradation – limited number of users or functions affected. Business processes can continue.


Small degradation – few users or one user affected. Business processes can continue.

Facilities M.

New Installation / User Requests or Change User Requests.


Service Level Agreement:

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Response Time

Out of Hours


Tel: Immediate Email: N/A Ticket: N/A On-Site: 4 hours

Tel: 1 hour Email: N/A Ticket: N/A


Tel: Immediate Email: N/A Ticket: N/A On-Site: 9 hours

Tel: 2 hours Email: N/A Ticket: N/A


Tel: 30 minutes Email: 2 hours Ticket: 2 hours On-Site: 18 hours

Tel: 4 hours Email: N/A Ticket: N/A


Tel: 1 hour Email: 4 hours Ticket: 4 hours On-Site: 27 hours

Tel: 8 hours Email: N/A Ticket: N/A


Email: 4 Business Days Ticket: 4 Business Days


We aim to respond to all calls immediately (not just fatal and severe) with first line diagnostics and attempted resolution at the time of the call.

Any Fatal, Severe or Out of Hours faults must be reported by telephone to ensure the fastest possible response.

On-site SLA’s are from the time at which our engineers have completed the necessary telephone and remote support and deem that an engineer is required on-site. Response times and charges relate to locations within 2 hours travel (train or car) of our London Office. Travel and subsistence charged for locations outside of this area.

Out of hours support is charged over and above the standard agreement on an ad-hoc basis (outside of SLA), or can added to the agreement in blocks of hours, or on an unlimited basis (as part of the SLA).