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About Us

Our Mission

At Premier Choice Internet we are professional, and excellence driven. It is within our culture to deliver a customer centric service that goes beyond expectation and we are proud of the reputation we have earned within the industry. Above all else we have a strong team ethic, we work hard to build a create an environment where our staff can flourish, happy staff result in happy customers in our experience.​

Our Quality Assurance

Premier Choice are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service, quickly and efficiently, delivering technical expertise in a clear, approachable, and easy to understand manner. We deliver IT solutions from industry leading technology providers to our clients that are reliable, provide value and are above all, secure.

The key to success in fulfilling this mission is a total commitment to meeting our customer needs and contractual obligations, ensuring transparency and uniformity in the services we provide and demonstrating our commitment to improving our quality performance. Premier Choice Internet staff members are encouraged to actively participate in the IMS and develop their knowledge and skills to always deliver the best possible service. Our training and staff development programmes reflect this aim.

At Premier Choice Internet, we aim to;

Provide effective support and customer service for all clients.

Continually review and challenge department processes, to ensure we are being efficient and forward thinking.

Steadily increase business revenue and profits, to ensure longevity and maintain healthy business growth.

Information Security Policy

Information security is a vitally important asset, and we all have a responsibility to make sure that all information is kept safe and used appropriately. Without due care, information can be misplaced or leaked, which may affect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of electronic data and paper format. Therefore, Premier Choice Internet has adopted Information Security measures that complies with stringent legal requirements under GDPR and provides the necessary assurance that all data held and processed by us is treated with the highest appropriate standards to keep it safe.

Premier Choice Internet work to ISO27001:2013 Information Security Standards to protect our data and customer data. Premier Choice Internet will make the necessary resources available to ensure that our Information Security Management system is adequate and robust.

We are committed to continually improving our performance by;

Making sure that only those who need access to data have that access.

To use all appropriate technological methods available at the time.

Provide staff training and awareness when required.

To protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information.

Team Leaders

Adam Graham

Adam's role is to oversee all departments within the business and work closely with the Management Team to ensure improvement in all departmental processes, as well as always looking to drive the business forward.


As Service Desk Technical Lead, Chris' responsibilities include day to day management of the support team alongside support tickets and escalations. Other roles include providing training and resources to make sure our team have the knowledge to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Chris Thatcher

As Head of Technical Operations, Chris' responsibility is the overarching management of the project team and project delivery, whilst also providing technical direction to all departments within the business. He ensures that all projects are delivered to the highest standards, delivering projects that exceed customer's expectations, on time and in budget.

Dan Green

As Service Desk Team Leader, it is Dan’s responsibility to make sure that all customer queries are dealt with in a timely manner by the Service Desk. He is also an escalation point for the support team and sets KPI’s for them to ensure that there is always high levels of customer satisfaction.

Michael Horton

In Mike's role as Head of Business Development, Mike oversees our sales, account management and marketing teams to ensure clients receive the best possible service.

Lisa Horton

As Finance Manager it is Lisa's job to ensure accurate undertaking of the billing, finance and admin required for the office. Her role requires her to liaise with many of the team members to ensure that the billing reflects the sales and support services that have been provided and answer any billing queries that our customers may have in relation to this.

Matt Homewood

Matt's responsibility is to research the development of new and emerging technologies. As IT is a constantly changing landscape, Matt provides technical documentation, hands-on training and workshops for our technical and sales teams to ensure they successfully deliver projects and services to our clients.

Caroline Musson

As project coordinator, it is Caroline's responsibility to work with the members of the Sales & Project’s team to create schedules, plan logistics and help the team to make sure projects are completed on time.

Martin Hull

As Project Lead, Martin's role is to manage client projects from concept to delivery. Planning, scheduling, executing to the highest possible standards, always looking to reduce customer impact, reduce costs and improve project deliverables.


As a Senior Account Manager, Pav is very well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, relationship management, operations, logistics coordination and scheduling. All used to help businesses and charities maximise their IT potential through technical consultations and project delivery.


Emily's role as Technical Account Manager is to work with businesses and charities to improve the reliability and efficiency of their IT and web setup. She provides consultancy and guidance about all things IT and web.


Jenny's job as the Marketing Co-ordinator involves promoting campaigns by assembling and analysing sales forecasts, as well as preparing marketing and advertising strategies, plans, and objectives.

Why Choose Premier Choice Internet?

All-Encompassing Service

A company to manage all of your IT, internet and communications services.

Dedicated Technical Team

One point of contact for all sales and technical queries.

Bespoke Support Package

Tailored to your organisation. You only pay for the services you needs.

Industry Expertise

Enabling us to provide solutions based on experience within professional services.


Remote monitoring enables us to find and resolve problems before they affect your organisation.

Finance Packages

Payment plans available from 3 months to 5 years.

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